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Unpriced is a technology platform focused on disrupting the Residential real estate industry. From processes to home pricing to commissions, Unpriced has created a more open and transparent marketplace that empowers the consumer and reduces consumer cost. Join our community and help change a flawed system that sets pricing, restricts consumer access to information, price fixes commissions and promotes non-disclosure.

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Unpriced Revolutionizes Real Estate with Transparent, Market-Driven Approach

The traditional real estate system is outdated, limiting, and costly for consumers. With list prices set by the system, access to information controlled, commissions fixed, and a culture of non-disclosure, the market is closed off from competitive forces. Unpriced is changing all that.

The Unpriced approach removes misleading list prices and lets the market (buyers and sellers) determine the value of a property. The process is transparent, with all terms negotiable and detailed information available to empower informed decision-making. With the market driving price instead of a set list price, there are no more price ceilings and no more mispricing. The result is a fair and efficient transaction process, where the market price is established within 1-30 days.

“Transparent. Professional. Efficient... These words don’t characterize the traditional home buying process. Fortunately for us, we purchased our new home through Unpriced and found the process to be all of these and more.”
“I love Unpriced. This is simply unbelievable!”


Thomas Murphy

Tom has been in the commercial real estate business for 36 years starting as a broker in 1985. Tom founded JSQ Commercial, a boutique brokerage company, in 1995 and expanded the company into investments and development. In addition to real estate Tom has invested in a roll off container business, IT consulting, options trading platform, and medical device company.

Karen Nudo


Gino Rooney

Gino is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on technology platforms. He previously co-founded Bluecrew, an on-demand labor platform for hourly work. Serving as an advisor to Unpriced, he leverages his technical startup experience to help steer the product roadmap and underlying technology.